Annual Read-a-thon – Thank you!

This year’s HPS Read-a-thon fundraiser was a tremendous success thanks to the support and enthusiasm of our families, friends and HPS staff! In just 15 days our students read over 165,929 minutes, a whopping 2,765 hours!

Through this fundraiser we were able to raise over $17K. Since we run this fundraiser ourselves rather than use a third party, we can put ALL of this money back into the school and its programs rather than a percentage. This year’s amount covers a considerable portion of the $25K budgeted for field trips this year.

We appreciate your support as we continue to help build and support this incredible school and its programs. It is remarkable how far we have come in less than five years, which makes the future even more promising. With 52% participation in this event from our students and families, we realize there is room for improvement. Please copy and paste the link below in your browser to take an anonymous survey:

We strive to fundraise with a purpose: building community and encouraging worthwhile endeavors. Our second main fundraiser will be Spring Celebration on the evening of April 20, an adults-only social event. Please mark your calendars!

HPS-PTO Fundraising

Team Winners (Winners of a Team Pizza Party)
Kisses (Mrs. Lickert’s and Ms. Woods’ combined homerooms): 21,538 minutes

Homeroom Winners (Winners of a $20 Blue Manatee Gift Card)
Ms. Hebert: Eliot Manneken
Mrs. Belcuore: Aurora Eichberger
Mrs. Forman: Ryan Burke
Ms. Keller: Lily Campbell
Mr. S. Martin: Ommkar Anguraj-Soniya
Mrs. Sims: Yul Park
Ms. N. Roberts: Flynn Cook
Mrs. Carroll: Tiernan Hicks
Mrs. Wineberg: Anya Davidson
Ms. L. Martin: Reagan Klotz
Mrs. Chambers: Dylan Klotz
Mrs. Lickert: Ana Patty Sanmiguel-Valderamma
Mr. Cassidy: Ella Laurenson
Mrs. Witkowski: Sarah Wilson
Mrs. Endres (Ms. Berry): Anna Kunkel
Mr. Gallup: Symone Bell
Ms. Wood: Asha Balachandran
Mrs. A. Roberts: Jack Stewart
Mrs. Bidlingmeyer: Colin Albrecht
Mrs. Butler: Alex Krol
Ms. Fischer: Lizzy Rebber
Mrs. Casteel: Abby Riddle

Participation (Winners of a $25 King Arthur’s Court Gift Card)
Melanie Hoffman
Claire Dawson